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Reporting – Architectural, Financial, Maintenance and Owner

Proprietary software generated activity reports include Board of Director requests, directives to Willis Management Group, Inc., owner inquiries, property inspections, work orders, etc. The reports include the item requested, date requested, requesting party and action through completion.  Each item is tracked by topic, address, name, vendor, etc.  Specifics on some processes and reports are below.

Architectural – Items are tracked from request through completion and always available to the property owner(s), Board of Directors or Committee.

Financial – Financial statements are available for review on-line through secure passwords available to authorized parties; typically, the Board of Directors.  Statements are generally completed by the 15th of each month and include a balance sheet, budget comparison (income statement), check register, full year general ledger, accounts receivable data (30, 60, 90, 120+ and accounts in collections), bank reconciliation and bank statements.  An analysis by the assigned Managing Agent includes comments related to bank accounts, investments, accounts receivable and budget comparison (income statement) and Board actions.

Maintenance – Maintenance requests, status and reports are available on-line through secure passwords available to those authorized to receive or review the data.  Owners can view matters related to their property as well as common area matters.

Owner – Similar to a call center, owner data is tracked to include calls and pertinent emails or written correspondence and is available on-line for the owner as well as the Board of Directors.