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Developer Services

Experience and Resources

Willis Management Group, Inc. has the experience and resources to assist developers of residential and commercial associations with various components of development to include  governing documents, Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) requirements, landscape design and water management, etc.   Our objective is ensure expectations  are met and to maintain a positive relationship between the property owners, the Association and the developer even after the development is completed.

We understand and respect that developers do not have time to waste and want a management company they can depend upon to get the job done without the need to manage the management company.  We ensure the collective objectives of both the developer and the Association are always in focus and will assist in resolving differences.

Summary of Developer and New Association Service

  1. Banking – Set up all accounts to include operating and reserves.
  2. Committees – Assist with the setup, charter and management of committees.
  3. Communications – Consistent, accurate and timely communications with both developer representatives, vendors and property owners.
  4. Governing Documents – Assist with the development and distribution of CC&R’s and other rules and regulations, forms, etc.
  5. Meetings – All meetings are fully organized and communicated to all parties from general meetings, the first annual meeting, Board of Director elections, etc. 
  6. Web Portal – Both the developer representatives and property owners have access to an Association web portal that provides for instant communications, accounting data, new own and Association documents and more.